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About Us
Isolite Insulating Firebrick Sdn Bhd with its cultivated technologies of insulating refractory as the key asset, contributes to the preservation of global environment in the 21st century. Isolite Insulating Firebrick Sdn. Bhd. started in 1990 as an overseas manufacturing point of Isolite Insulating Firebricks. (IIF) Today IIF covers markets of Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Australia and other countries as a key Isolite overseas manufacturing facility. Isolite has been engaging in technological development of insulating refractory represented by Insulating Firebrick. Isolite, with its own technologies cultivated in the field of insulating refractory, has made substantial contribution to the energy saving of major industries.

Isolite range of insulating firebricks (IFB) are well known for it's low thermal conductivity, relatively high cold crushing strength, low reheat shrinkage and small dimensional tolerance.

Isolite IFB are used for hot face lining and backup insulation in most kilns or furnaces.

Classification femperature : 1400C

Product & Services

C-2, mainly made from high purity alumian, providing low thermal conductivity, lowheat storage capacity and high strength. This brick is essential for heat saving, faster production, shorter heat-up time and accurate temperature control. Service temperature 1400C


Back-up linings for fireclay and high-alumina bricks in boilers, ceramic kilns, heating furnaces, glass furnaces, periodic kilns and high efficiency incinerators. Floor linning of kiln cars.

Grade and products:

B4, B5, B6, B7, C1, C2, LBK-20, LBK-20HS, LBK-23, LBK-23HS, LBK-26, LBK-26HS, LHB, LBK-28, LBK-30, LBK-3000, LAP-165, Mortar HAS-D & SUS-D.


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