Logic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (419867-P)
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Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang

About Us

Since the establishment of our company in year 1996, Logic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, a surface finishing supplier has brought together technological advancement and industry expertise in producing innovative products for surface finishing and electrochemical industries. We are a surface painting supplier or surface finishing supplier who has a complete range of product line which consists of engineered electric heaters, chemical pumps and filtration systems, switch mode rectifiers, power supplies sensors, monitors and many more other electro chemical products. We have successfully penetrate our products into various industries, namely the Electro-plating Industries, Electronic Manufacturing Industries, Semiconductor Industries, Electro Chemical Industries, Aerospace Manufacturing, Shipbuilding Industries, Medical, Military, Scientific, Agricultural and Food Industries, Municipal Water and Sewerage Management, etc.

Product & Services


Insoluble Anodes - Platinum, Iridium Oxide, Ruthenium Oxide
Fabrication - Titanium Anodes, Racks, Baskets
Full Range of Filtration System, Pumps, Filter Housings
Filter Media - PP / Carbon Cartridges, Disc Filters, Cloth, Bags
Full Range of Switch Mode Rectifiers
Full Range of Electric Heaters, Heat Exchangers
Chemicals - Cleaners, Solvents, Strippers, Additives
Instruments, Sensors, Monitors, Controls
Soluble Anodes - Copper, Nickel, Tin / Lead, Pure Tin
General Sourcing