Ong & Chee Construction Sdn Bhd (1109285-U)
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Batu Caves, Selangor

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ONG & CHEE CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD started the business as a partnership in 1991 and subsequently incorporated as a private limited companies in Malaysia under the Company Act, 1965 on 17.09.2014. Our principal activities are in Building Work & Infrastructural Work in which we specialised in Bungalow, Semi-D, Terrace House, Shop Lot, Drainage, R.C. Wall, Rubble Wall, Road Work, Earthworks and Sewerage Work. Our primary philosophy is quality and to improve; the result is consistent innovation over the years. Through the years with our vast experienced group of dedicated professionals, excellent past track record and advance technology, we have been known for our high standard of quality workmanship, efficiency and integrity. We have built a solid reputation and our services have been well recognized amongst Consultants, Master Builders, Developers and Government Agencies. We believe our clients determine our success and we endeavour to cater to their needs in manner that is efficient and at prices that are competitive. Clients are assured of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in all projects undertaken. In addition, the chain of command in Ong & Chee Construction is short, customers interact directly with decision makers and consequently can get immediate response. In conjunction with our company new expansion policy, we continue to seek for new horizon in our new business. We have prepared to invest and participate actively in business in which we can draw upon our inherent strengths and expertise to ensure that we produce the highest quality for every customer. We seek to establish and maintain alliances with associate who value cooperations's reward. Hence we need your continuance supports by inviting us to participate in all your future projects.

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Our principal activities are in Building Work & Infrastructural Work
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