Pyrope Industries Sdn Bhd (344682-D)
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Company Profile PYROPE manufacturer of Elastomeric / Rubber Based Moulded Products for wide range of industries. Such as Engineering, Building Protection, Mechanical, Automotive Parts, Traffic Management Products and others sectors of application. Elastomeric Products provide stability support, protection and flexibility to the machines or application having the problem of active or passive disturbance effect. The properties of elastomeric products will be provided in function of elongation, transverse movement, torsional movement, angular deflection, oscillation, vibration reducing, impact force absorbing, compression, good rebounding, chemical resistance or to reduce damaging with low maintenance cost. We serve at competitive price and flexible quantity. If you have any products you want us to produce or develop, you are welcome and we will do our best to meet your requirement. If you have any enquiry please visit the link below :-

Product & Services

1) Building & Structure Protection • Mechanical Structure Rubber Buffer • Loading Bay Rubber Bumper & Fender • Heavy Vehicle Wheel Chock & Wheel Stop • Pillar & Wall Guard, Rack Protector • Anti-Vibration Mat & Impact Disc • Elastomeric Bearing Pad & Etc... 2) Mechanical & Engineering • Mechanical Coupling Rubber Pin Bush • Anti-Vibration Mechanical Mounting & Pad • Industrial Roller & Wheel • Rubber Bellow & Cover • Rubberise Grooving Track Pad • Rubber Ball & Grommet • Rubber Suction Pad & Cap and Etc... 3) Vehicle & Automotive • Engine Mounting & Damper • Anti-Vibration & Sound Insulation Pad • Electronic Device Cover & Sealing Grommet • Heavy Truck Rear Impact Bumper • Wheel Chock For Heavy & Light Vehicle & etc… 4) Pipe, Valve & Pump Connection • Rubber Valve Diaphragm & Pitch Tube • Rubber Flange Gasket, Washer & O-Ring • Rubber Seal & Collar • Moulded Impeller • Valve Rubber Ball & Etc… 5) Hand Build Lining Works • Pipe With Flange Lining • Cyclone • Tank & Vessel • Jig & spigot • Agitator & Etc… • Ball Mill & Mixer

Vision & Mission

We provide customer satisfaction through our Best Quality Products & reasonable prices.
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