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ALPOLIC®/fr is a fire-rated ACM composed of aluminium skins and the fire-retardant core (non-combustible mineral filled core). It passes most countries fire-safety codes for exterior and interior. Compared with solid aluminium panels, ALPOLIC®/fr is lightweight, rigid and flat. The surface finish is a coating of fluorocarbon paint. Die Coater used in the continuous coil coating line ensures uniform color and smooth coating. The coating variation includes NaturArt Series (Stone, Timber, Metal, and Abstract), produced with a unique image-transfer coating.
 ALPOLIC®/fr is widely used in the architectural applications, mainly for external claddings for landmark projects around the world. To meet the demands of innovative architects worldwide, apart from aluminium, ALPOLIC®/fr also offers a good range of composite materials such as Titanium Composite Material (TCM), Stainless Steel Composite Material (SCM) and Zinc Composite Material (ZCM).