Robatech (M) Sdn Bhd (804526-H)
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About Us

Robatech, founded 35 years ago, based in Muri, Switzerland. With over 60 Sales & Services support of Distributors and Subsidiaries, worldwide. Robatech (M) Sdn Bhd established in early 2008 as subsidiary to fully enhance our presence and support in Malaysia, to do our best business ie adhesives application technology. In the Graphic, Packaging and Wood industries, in particular, Robatech is recognized worldwide for its quality, durability, the high service standard and know-how in the application of many variety of adhesives. Highly satisfied customers - End-users, OEM and Market leaders can also be found among Converters for paper & plastic, non woven or Automotive industries, relying on Swiss Made, RO Glueing.

Products & Services

Our Products is suitable for Various Industries as follow: •Packaging Industry •Converting Industry •Printing Industry •Hygienic Industry •Textile-converting Industry •Woodworking Industry •Building Supplies Industry •Automotive Industry
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luo jurney
2 years ago
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我们有提供以下服务:* 1.️空运--时效2-5天 2.海运散货,整柜*FCL, LCL*--散货低至380/立方3.人民币每日4.4元,马币,美元等。 *汇率运价-*-本地更新获得固定集到先开单,或另外购买单(0.5%-1.5%)5.先代付1688, 6. 世界各地服务支付跨入口到马来西亚 7.🇸🇬0 新加坡养老院 8. 到门廊 9. 马来西亚本土海外仓----3000个专业服务平台有任何地方以及任何地方需要多点了解,不要害羞 请直接联系我! WX:kk18106871560 wp:0182086052
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