Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd (64855-U)
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Batu Caves, Selangor

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Specialty anodes Introduction: With more than 20 years experience in the manufacturing of a variety lead and tin products in a variety of alloy compositions, Selayang Metal Industries Sdn Bhd is the largest producer of cast and extruded lead products in Malaysia. A core area of our specialisation is the manufacturing of our & nbsp; standard range of lead and tin based anodes that are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We also produce anodes to customers & rsquo; alloy and dimensional specifications.

Product & Services

Products: • Anodes • Wires • Bars • Bricks • Collars • Seals • Sheets • Sleeves • Strip • Diving Weights • Boat Keels • Anodes • Wires • Bars • Sticks • Shots • Ingots • Fluxes • Special Lead & Amp; Tin Alloy Castings Available Sailboat/Yacht Accessories Lead, with its high weight-to-volume ratio is ideal when used in the manufacture of ballast keels of sailboats to counterbalance the heeling effect of wind on the sails. For a given weight it occupies a small volume and thus offers the least underwater resistance which is a very important feature of sailboats/yachts. Selayang Metal Industries various core areas of specialisation includes the manufacture of one-off to mass-produced custom designed fins and bulbs and complete keels to customers & rsquo; specifications for the building of yachts. Fins: Our fins are cast to customers & rsquo; specifications from patterns supplied by customers. We can also supply the required pattern. Bulbs: Our boat keels are cast in lead to customers’ specifications from patterns supplied by customers. Our casting technique ensures that there are no voids in the castings which may otherwise cause imbalance. If required, we can also supply the required pattern. We can cast any weight up to 20,000 kilograms per piece. Complete keels: Our expertise does not stop at the manufacture of individual fins and bulbs. We are also able to produce completed keels to customer & rsquos: specifications. Material Availability: All our keel/bulb castings are produced from high purity materials and are available in the following chemical compositions:Pure lead of 99.95% minimum. Antimonial lead alloys of up to 6% antimony content: Our fins are usually cast in Ductile Iron. Other alloy compositions are also available.
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