SH Safety Consultancy Sdn Bhd (201901015474 (1324802-A))
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Ipoh, Perak

About Us

About Us WE ARE PROFESSIONAL COMPANY SH Safety Consultancy Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated in Ipoh. Perak Darul Ridzuan. We are specialist in an occupational safety, health and environmental with an objective to assist the industries and the government sector to complying with occupational safety, health and environmental legislation requirement. Has over 10 years experience in occupational safety, health and environmental management, assessment, monitoring and training for various client. Our work is divided in two main categories: services and training. Both of them have the same purpose, maintaining a safe working environment for your employees.

Products & Services

Services ● Chemical Risk Assessment and Monitoring ● Occupational and Environmental Noise Risk Assessment ● Engineering Control Equipment Examination and Testing ● Personal Protective Equipment Supplying ● Technical Service Engineering Training ● Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Training Address : NO 24A,Jalan Niaga Jelapang 1,Halaman Niaga Jelapang,30020,Ipoh,Perak. Tags: ● Training in ipoh Perak Safety ● Occupational Safety training in Ipoh Perak ● Health Training in Ipoh Perak ● Environmental Management Training in Ipoh Perak ● Assessment Training in Ipoh Perak ● Monitoring and Training for Satety in Ipoh Perak
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