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Ipoh, Perak
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Founded in 1972, Sin Foh Hin Canvas is focused on the manufacture and design of all kinds of canvas products. We have over 30 years experience in producing a wide range of superior quality canvas products using high quality materials, e.g. nylon canvas, PE sheets & PVC tarpaulins.

Located in Ipoh, Perak, we specialize in lorry canvas, outdoor canopies and tents, commercial and residential awnings, umbrellas, protective covers and shields, and other canvas products that will give you protection from the hazardous effects of rain and sun. We are committed to providing high quality, service and value based on vast years of experience in the canvas industry. We translate that experience and expertise into each product that we provide.

At Sin Foh Hin Canvas, we design and construct attractive canvas products to your custom specifications. We are able to make and supply the products in accordance to your design specifications and requirements. We also have a dedicated team which provides the capability to design and produce the products according to your choice and preference in colour, size, shape, design, materials, style and other specifications. Over the years, our customized products have become established as marks of quality.

Nevertheless, our products are completed with design and after-sales services. As our valued customers, we provide you with the after-sales service which includes repairing and reconditioning service at a reasonable price.
Contact Us Sin Foh Hin Canvas No. 41, 43 & 62 Jalan Masjid Ipoh, Perak 30300 Malaysia ( Operation Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm ) (Saturday: 9am-1pm) ☎ Call us : 05-242 6822 /05 253 1633 ✉ Watsapp/sms/Wechat : 012-5036822 ✉ Watsapp/sms Wechat : 018-2931633 ✉ Watsapp/sms Wechat: 012-5039930

Product & Services


· Custom-made Products

• Lorry Canvas
• Retractable Awning

• Arabian Canopy
• Lorry Cushion Seat

• Pyramid Canopy

· Retail Products

• Nylon Canvas
• Foldable Tent

• PVC Tarpaulin
• Square Umbrella

• PE Sheeting
• Round Umbrella

• Transparent Sheeting
• Market Steel Stand

• Water Resistance Acrylic Fabric
• Plywood

• Metal Folding Chair
• Water Container

· Repairs & Services

• Repair Canvas
• Recondition Canvas

• Repair Canopy
• Recondition Cushion

• Repair Umbrella & Stand
• Contract Sewing

Vision & Mission

“Quality is Our Success”

We assure you the best quality, best price and minimum delivery period. Our dedicated team works to upgrade the quality, design and materials.

At Sin Foh Hin Canvas, we understand the importance of using the highest quality in order to achieve the finest results. Only the most durable and time-tested materials are utilized to fulfill each customers needs. Our staff is knowledgeable in the composition of each type of materials that might be utilized in a finished product. They will be able to recommend the best and most affordable materials for your specific type of application.
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