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About Us

Established by both brothers, MR S.P CHANG and MR STEVEN CHANG, SPS is the Sole Agent of TAJIMA embroidery machine (the WORLD's largest Manufacturer) in Malaysia since 1979. From its modest start, SPS has grown to be the NO.1 seller of embroidery machine in the country, controlling approximately 70% of the market share, making it the leader in the embroidery industry. Over the years, SPS has made a profound impact in the embroidery world as a renowned and well-respected establishment due to its close ties with customers, in-depth knowledge of the overall market's movement and needs and efficient network of nationwide Sales and Service offices. Headquartered in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur with two other branches in Batu Pahat, Johor, and Kelantan, Sarawak & Sabah. SPS ensures its customers the highest quality of services with adequate and full range of spare parts for timely delivery, a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled Japan trained expert technicians for maintenance services, free technical know-how, and professional on the job consultations. MISSION STATEMENT SPS will constantly improve on its services and remains committed and dedicated to be the BEST in the industry through customer-oriented policy that has been consistently practiced since it was formed. SPS's principal, TAJIMA with its company motto, "there is no border for quality products" has kept on continuous progress, playing an active role as the leading manufacturer by unveiling top quality, largest and the most advanced embroidery machine in the market. Its multi-head embroidery machine are highly acclaimed throughout the world as the most excellent machine incomparable to others. Why could you need to choose us? 1. Commitment to Clients: throughout all the years of operation, SPS are well known by over 70% of the embroidery market in Malaysia for our down to earth commitment and passion for our client. 2. Attitude and Ethics: SPS takes operation attitude and ethics very seriously, we do so to ensure that you get the best of what you can get from the market. 3. Training and Assessments: all SPS staffs undergo tough and strict professional trainings to ensure that the person tending your embroidery machine knows what he/she is doing. 4. Creativity and Innovation: SPS is always improving, at this very moment that you are reading this, we are doing our best and evolving into the spearhead of the embroidery industry. 5. Solid Platform: for many years SPS have served our clients with the best of what we achieve with passion and innovation, and we are surefire that we will continue to serve you for many more years to come. TAJIMA ESTABLISHMENTS Formed in 1944, TAJIMA developed its first Multi-Head Automatic embroidery machine in 1964 and it had since produced more than 3,000 types of embroidery machine with 1 to 65 heads machine. The machines are exported to over 100 countries throughout the world with the establishment of about 50 overseas distributors. TAJIMA's Technical Centre which was established in 1994 is TAJIMA's research and development unit. It's goals is to enhance TAJIMA's technological advancement and also in pursuit of the cultivation of original concepts and patterns through active and continuous exploration. As a result, TAJIMA now hold many acclamation as "the first and the only one in the world" which has gained international recognition for its innovativeness, reliability, highest quality and finest finishing.

Product & Services

Embroidery Machines Tajima is always making advances toward the creation of supreme products, providing our customers with "success" and "satisfaction". Our Series has been produced on the basis of this fundamental idea ranked as the flagship model, is fully loaded with our own technologies to supply high quality embroidery, unsurpassable by any other manufacturer. Cylinder / Flat Type The latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators. Single Head Type Combines the new and powerful functions, proven in our multi-head machines, into a compact body. Single-Head Cylinder Type Embroider even large finished goods with a new design cubical body. Multi-head Type The newly designed middle thread guide has halved the thread setting time for one needle compared with our conventional parts. You can set thread tension easily. Flat Type Invested with all the latest technology, the TFSN Series has brought both the high quality and cost reduction to reality. Cylinder Type The newly developed digitally-controlled presser foot that can adjust its bottom dead center and stroke for each needle bar (color change) has been employed.

Vision & Mission

Speedy, Efficiency, Friendly "The one-stop station for all you embroidery needs"
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