Top Maple Enterprise Sdn Bhd (748860-A)
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Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

About Us

Top Maple Enterprise was founded in August 1993 with its business focusing mainly in collecting and/or buying old appliances and utensils, kitchenware, furniture, house ware and other reusable items that people would otherwise discard. Its unique merchandise formula and trading style was developed and strengthened through its founder C.S. Chen’s entrepreneurial skills, experience and foresight as a retailer in the second hand goods industry.
Due to the enormous support and success particularly after the 1996 economic crisis where the reselling of reusable and new items began to flourish, Top Maple Enterprise began expanding its business nationwide.
Unlike his contemporaries, Top Maple Enterprise growth was further enhanced with the incorporation as a Private Limited Company as Top Maple Enterprise Sdn Bhd in 2006. Business expanded further as Top Maple Enterprise Sdn Bhd moved into a new showroom boosting a space of over 48,000 sq ft in 2010. The new showroom in Jalan Sungai Pinang is the long-term vision and mission in Top Maple commitment of growing the core business in the retailing of new and second-hand goods to people from all walks of life with sufficient resources, ability and commitment to succeed.
Key Competitive Advantage
By buying and reselling items in a totally open unbiased society and business community, Top Maple accomplishes three important economic purposes to the society.
Firstly, everyone and anyone can now afford needed furniture and other commercial and/or household items at a relatively low cost.  
Support the Government to reshape Penang state as the first “Green State” in Malaysia by promoting 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Top Maple is also committed to make sure that appliances and furniture are not put to waste but is capable to be Repaired, Refinished and Refurbished.
Pressure on the City landfill is reduced, hence conservation of energy and resources with the noble objective in assisting mother earth.
Unlike many local competitors, Top Maple Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a company on the move. There are basic core elements to our strategy with long-term vision – all critical for Top Maple’s success. Through Top Maple 3-pronged business model, Top Maple will:-
• Accept and/or buy old items or other reusable items from Customers • Accept and/or exchange old items for old items with Customers • Accept and/or buy old items and sell new items to all our Customers  

Product & Services

Top Maple principal areas of trade are in the buying and selling of a wide variety of new and also quality second-hand goods. New and Second-hand merchandise traded includes:
• Commercial Cooking Appliances • Kitchenware and Utensils • Restaurant Equipments • Furniture • Electrical goods • Audio Visual Equipments • Machinery and Hand & Power Tools
With the market for the second-hand goods is growing rapidly. Previous consumer reluctance to purchase second-hand goods is progressively giving way to the realization of the value for money offered by second-hand and reusable goods.
Through its identifying motto “A Better Way to Sell, A Great Place to Buy” combined with its well-developed marketing strategy and accepted trademark “Top Maple”, provide the cornerstone of commercial practice and one of the principal reasons for the phenomenal success and existence today.

Vision & Mission

To be recognized as a retail market leader in Malaysia in the New and Used Commercial Kitchen Equipments, Stainless Steel Fabrication and Kitchenware through the provision of innovative business opportunities and management support services to its customers and key business partners
To provide, through networks and possible franchisees in the future, retail outlets that are distinguished by the quality of retail standards and value of the merchandise offered
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