Yong Advance Cycles (001890410-W)
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Ampang, Selangor

About Us

About Us Yong Advance Cycles is a no-frills bike shop run by the humble yet wise Chua Eng Kiong (Yong) that have the knowledge about cycling from his impressive 34 years of experience in this industry. Yong’s main business concentration is on the ever-popular and timeless mountain bike. Yong Advance Cycles carrying the well brand mountain bike but the main is the whyte due to its quality.

Products & Services

Bicycle service from normal services includes cleaning and simple service until full-service includes major overhaul. Mountain Bikes Brands - Whyte - Exitway - Fuji - GTA - Hummer - KHS - Merida - XDS Component Parts Brands - Aerozine - Alligator - FarNear - FSA - Fulcrum - Lezyne - PowerWay - Shimano - SKS - SRAM - VDO - X-Fusion Accessories Brands - ESI - ProLogo Grips - FOX Gloves - Met Helmets - SHIMANO

Visions & Missions

Great experience & satisfaction of customer that we offer “action indeed, speak louder than words”