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About Us

YSM Equipment Sdn. Bhd. is a company which growth parallel to consumer's current requirement. The company started as a kitchen equipment industry pioneer in Malacca since 1985. Market opportunity stimulated YSM to diversify business nature into manufacturing sector in year 1997. A new plant with build-up area one acre is located at Malacca Krubong Industrial Estate, hold 30 production and staffs. Combinations of YSM sales and manufacturing force have lead YSM further it achievment to next miles stone. YSM is a company that held an important role in the fabrication of Stainless Steel industries in this region. In fact, the standard requirement for our products and services are set higher than many of our competitors and indeed, in some cases, they are equal ti high ranking brand. We also commit to have ultimate solutions for our valued customers. In line with our full range of commercial kitchen equipment with vast knowledge and experience in this trade, we can create great value for our customers. High grade of stainless steel materials are commonly used for fabrication in our products to withstand heavy usage, rustproof, easy maintenance, hygienic, energy saving and in cooking, comes with efficient cooking techniques. For over 20 years, YSM have been giving priority to quality to satisfy our customer's need and wants. When comes to environment friendly and safety devices, YSM do her utmost best to follow relevant authority's guidelines as to give our customers "Total Excellence" value. We are now in the process of achieving ISO Standards through the guidance of some consultants, which gives our customers the guarantee of continued progress towards "Total Quality". Subsidiary Company : YSM Gas Engineering Sdn Bhd (407543-M) YSM Kitchen Designer & Consultant

Product & Services

• Gas Kitchen Equipment • Gas Pipe & Exhaust System • Kitchen • Stainless Steel Fabricators • Door, Gate, Window • Engineering & Industrial • Wrought Iron

Vision & Mission

Increase business opportunity by pushing the boundries, we can focus on expanding our bottom line.
11 months ago
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luo jurney
2 years ago
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